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Diagnostic Professionals

A Few Words About Us
Debina Diagnostic’s core technology is based on novel Fluorescent NanoDiamond particles engineered (physically) to emit strong Near Infra-Red (NIR) light upon exposure to specific Laser light (F-NDP). DDI affiliated laboratories specialize in Bio-Engineering of the F-NDP by additives linked to the particles that enable homing of the particles on targets of interest such as infectious pathogens (viruses, bacteria, toxins) and pathological loci in human body (such as blood clots, vascular plaques, tumors etc).

Meet Our Team

Giora Feuerstein

Chief Science and Medical Officer

Dr. Feuerstein serves as the chief Technical and Medical officer (CTMO) for DDI. Dr. Feuerstein has over 25 years of experience in large Pharmaceutical companies (GSK, DPC/BMS, Wyeth/Pfizer) where he served in executive leadership positions (head of departments) in the R&D (Research and Development) organization and A/Vice President, Translational Medicine and early clinical development for Wyeth/Pfizer Research. By invitation, Dr. Feuerstein joined (2011) the USG/DoD, Medical Counter Measures (MCM) program as Chief Technical and Medical officer under the HQE (Highly Qualified Expert) program at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA, Ft Belvoir VA) to lead MCM development against threat pathogens (e.g., Ebola viruses) and toxins (e.g. Botulinum Toxins). Dr. Feuerstein is the recipient of Distinguished Civilian Service Medal (2016) for his contributions to the MCM program.

Robert Porter


Mr. Rob Porter who serves as DDI CEO. Mr. Porter has an extensive background in building small companies. His track record of success includes businesses that have achieved explosive growth from both organic and external means. Mr. Porter had completed over 40 company acquisitions and set up the business development strategies to help achieve the objectives for multiple businesses.
Mark Sternberg

CFO & Nanomaterial Specialist

Mr. Mark Sternberg MBA: Mr. Sternberg serves as DDI CFO (Chief Financial Officer) has a long-standing experience in industrial nanoparticles applications over 25 years. Mr. Sternberg’s experience commenced from the production of thin film coatings using sub-micron and nanoparticles which are then coated onto polyester films. Mr. Sternberg was a co-inventor on several patents for polishing applicaitons. Additionally, Mr. Sternberg has broad experience in development of industrial application of nanodiamond particles, as he was one of the founders of a company who first brought the detonated nanodiamond particles to production in the United States. Detonation of nanodiamond is part of the process, however, there are cleaning and functionalization steps too, for which Mr. Sternberg has many years of experience.

Cezary Marcinkiewicz

Bioengineering Expert

Dr Cezary Marcinkiewicz PhD: DR Marcinkiewicz is a seasoned biochemistry and cell biology scientists (20 years) who operates and manages DDI retained laboratory at Temple University. Dr Marcinkiewicz expertise include ligation of proteins to nanodiamond particles, execution of ELISA assays, cell culture technique and fluorescent microscopy. Dr Marcinkieicz operated In Vivo Imaging technology (PerkinElmer) and light microscopy.