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Vascular thrombus imaging in vivo via near-infrared fluorescent nanodiamond particles bioengineered with the disintegrin bitistatin (Part II)

  • by Jonathan A Gerstenhaber, Frank C Barone, Cezary Marcinkiewicz, Jie Li, Aaron O Shiloh, Mark Sternberg, Peter I lelkes & Giora Feuerstein

The aim of this feasibility study was to test the ability of fluorescent nanodiamond particles (F-NDP) covalently conjugated with bitistatin (F-NDP-Bit) to detect vascular blood clots in vivo using extracorporeal near-infrared...Read More

Pilot study on biocompatibility of fluorescent nanodiamond-(NV)-Z~800 particles in rats: safety, pharmacokinetics, and bio-distribution (part III)

  • Frank C Barone1cezary Marcinkiewicz,Jie li,Mark sternberg,Peter I lelkes, Dmitriy a Dikin, Peter J Bergold, Jonathan a gerstenhaber, Giora Feuerstein

We hereby report on studies aimed to characterize safety, pharmacokinetics, and bio-distribution of fluorescent nanodiamond particles (NV)-Z~800 (FNDP-(NV)) administered to rats by intravenous infusion in a single high dose...Read More

Long-term biocompatibility of fluorescent diamonds-(NV)-Z~800 nm in rats: survival, morbidity, histopathology, particle distribution and excretion studies (part IV)

  • Frank C Barone, Ccezary Marcinkiewicz, Jie Li,Y i Feng, Mark Sternberg, Peter I lelkes, David Eosenbaum-Halevi, Jonathan Gerstenhaber & Giora Z Feuerstein

Thromboembolic events are a major cause of heart attacks and strokes. However, diagnosis of the location of high risk vascular clots is hampered by lack of proper technologies for their detection...Read More