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Executive Summary: Business Model & Platform

• Timely Diagnosis of life threatening pathological lesions in humans is a critical challenge in medicine especially in ambulatory setting. Sophisticated Technologies such as MRI, CT-scans, and PET are restricted to hospital use due to Radioactivity, Radiation and/or highly specialized operational constraints.

• Debina Diagnostics INC., (DDI) is a developing early stage Bio company focused on development and commercialization of innovative imaging based of fluorescence energy used for diverse medical diagnostics and therapeutic conditions. This new imaging can be used in an ambulatory setting for both the civilian and military sectors. DDI also lends itself for diagnosis of broad environmental hazards and epidemiological surveys.

• DDI’s core is based on novel Fluorescent NanoDiamond particles engineered (physically) to emit strong Near Infra-Red (NIR) light upon exposure to specific Laser light (F-NDP). DDI affiliated laboratories specialize in Bio-Engineering of the F-NDP by additives linked to the particles that enable homing of the particles on targets of interest such as infectious pathogens (viruses, bacteria, toxins) and pathological loci in human body (such as blood clots, vascular plaques, tumors etc).

• DDI established a network of “Subject Matter Experts” in the civilian private sector: Aacademic organizations (Temple University, SUNY Downstate, Edinburgh University UK) and Bio manufacturing vendors (Millipore, BBISolutions) as well as the USG (Department of Defense) that complement internal expertise. Two (2) CRADA signed with the DoD labs underwrite potential for support in collaboration with USAMRIID

• DDI has successfully generated data (in animal models) that support the utility of the F-NDP for imaging of blood clot residing in blood vessels that carry high risk for stroke. The data has been accepted for publications in peer review professional journal in the area of NanoMedicine.

• DDI has filed patent application to secure the core ideas, processes of manufacturing and diverse utilities of its Bio-Engineered F-NDPs for broad scale of diagnostics and therapeutic purposes.

• DDI engaged in developing “next Generation” diagnostic and surveillance test for Ebola viruses (and related threat pathogens) using front-line technology- Lateral Flow Assay test and manufactured a prototype Hand–Held diagnostic Device to detect analytes of interest using digitalized technology.

• Demonstrated success in bioengineering of the unique F-NDP. DDI has demonstrated substantial commercial opportunities exist associated with its diverse medical diagnostic applications and proven aggressive development.
LFA market is $6 billion
Clot diagnosis for Stroke, DVT
Cancer treatment via Drug Delivery
Clot busting via Drug Delivery