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Providing Quality
Debina Diagnostics

Bio-engineering of functional fluorescent nanodiamond particles for Lateral Flow Assays (Covid-19, other infectious diseases); Targeted drug delivery devices for the detection and treatment of blood clots and cancerous tumors.

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What We Offer

Targeted Diagnostics

The NIR nanodiamond can be tuned to attach to a specific locale and areas of the body, such as clots and tumors and can be viewed extracorporeal.

Drug Delivery

At Debina, we use the massive surface area and functional exterior of the nanodiamond to load cargo, including various therapeutics.

Lateral Flow Assay

Fluorescent NIR nanodiamond based LFA can provide superior sensitivity and speed critical to infectious disease and other markets.

A Few Words About Us

Debina Diagnostic’s core technology is based on novel Fluorescent NanoDiamond particles engineered (physically) to emit strong Near Infra-Red (NIR) light upon exposure to specific Laser light (F-NDP). DDI affiliated laboratories specialize in Bio-Engineering of the F-NDP by additives linked to the particles that enable homing of the particles on targets of interest such as infectious pathogens (viruses, bacteria, toxins) and pathological loci in human body (such as blood clots, vascular plaques, tumors etc).

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